Animal/Pet Communicator


As an Animal Communicator/Pet Psychic, it is a pleasure and joy to help you and your pets. My Animal Communication work, allows me to express my passion to co-create with people and animals as we journey together in life, loving, learning, evolving and expanding consciousness. Our companion animals reflect in their own unique ways our energies/”vibes.” Thus, providing loving opportunities for us to grow. Your animals accept and know who you authentically are and love to help you know it too.

As valued members of our families, companion animals effect and can be affected by the emotions of their guardians. I connect with them intuitively, in-person or remotely. I help you clearly understand their messages, feelings, opinions, preferences and perspectives. I also provide education, suggestions to improve communication, relationships, end of life decisions, behavioral, health, emotional, training, bonding, and/or inter-species mediation, counseling, and validation of your hunches. Readings can assist you on your spiritual and personal path and can assist in selecting complimentary approaches, such as healing touch, massage, flower essences, nutritional suggestions, etc.

I was first introduced to animal communication in childhood through my great uncle and cousin sharing stories of their abilities to lovingly connect with and heal animals. In May of 2008, I was delighted to hone my own intuitive abilities to communicate with animals at a week long intensive animal communication workshop led by author and Animal Communicator, Marta Williams. For as long as I can remember, I have felt a deep connection with all of nature. As a child, I spent countless hours (alongside my mom) interacting with animals, insects and plants including my cat, “Lucky”, who was a great companion, confidant, and teacher. It’s always felt inspiring and grounding to surround myself with animals and nature. I’ve worked in animal hospitals, have rescued and rehabilitated animals, studied healing touch, and volunteered with local rescue organizations. I currently share my life with three dogs, two cats, and one horse.

Animal Communication/Pet Psychic Session Rates: $120 per hour phone consultation/$75 per half hour phone consultation/$140 per hour in-home consultations (Boulder & Larimer Counties, Colorado).